Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air

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Do you have a hacking cough?  Can't get rid of that residual cough?  Does your chest feel tight?  Breath of Fresh Air is prefect for you!  I created this blend when I was at the tail end of walking pneumonia and I couldn't get rid of the cough - until I concocted Breath of Fresh Air.  May Chang, Fragonia and Khella are known to be a highly effective combination as a respiratory tonic; Lavender is thought to calm bronchial spasms and is calming in general; it's been said the Helichrysum has steroid-like properties and is used as an anti-inflammatory agent.  The blend has a lemon-like scent and does not contain peppermint which can raise cardiovascular concerns.  

Ingredients: Lavender, May Chang, Fragonia, Khella, Helichrysum

5 ml

  • Works very well by diffusing, or can inhale after applying drop in hand plus drop or 2 of carrier oil, rubbing hands together and placing hands over nose and inhaling aroma for 3 minutes.   
  • Very potent  May place up to 3 drops in bowl of hot water and inhale vapor with towel over your head, eyes closed to prevent eye irritation.  May use as a chest rub by using 5 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil for adults; 2-3 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil for children over 5 years old.  If skin irritation occurs, apply more carrier oil.
Oil Blends are pesticide and pollutant free, undiluted and 5 ml, hand-blended with love in Nellysford, VA!