Carol M. Quigless

Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, And National Board Certified Massage Therapist!

Local to the Charlottesville, VA area? Email Carol at carolquigless@gmail.com to see more of her services.

Carol Quigless

Flourish Essential Oils started with the ambition of Carol M. Quigless. As an integrative holistic health practitioner, certified clinical aromatherapist, and board-certified massage therapist, Flourish encompasses Carol’s natural approach to healing. 

Carol’s interest in natural healing began in the 1980s as she opened one of Los Angeles’ first home delivery meal services specializing in healthy cuisine leading her to work as a private chef for many well-known Hollywood luminaries. 

In the late 1990s, Carol began studying essential oil applications and achieved certification in massage therapy and bodywork. She then added healing arts such as breath work, Reiki, and touch for health. 

Continuing to broaden her studies in essential oils, Carol noticed utilizing essential oils while practicing massage and bodywork boosted results considerably.  

Carol then received certification in Clinical Aromatherapy and developed numerous formulas over the next 15 years which she now provides to the public in her line of pesticide and pollution-free essential oils.

In her free time, Carol enjoys growing natural food, the beautiful Central Virginia mountain views while walking trails, singing and playing piano, and her three cats.