Ylang Ylang (Complete) 5 ml
Ylang Ylang (Complete) 5 ml

Ylang Ylang (Complete) 5 ml

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(Cananga odorata var. genuine) Intensely floral, sweet, slightly spicy, it is a spa favorite.   It has been used for relaxation, skincare, hypertenison aid, anti diabetic, aphrodisiac. 

 Grown in Madagascar and Reunion, the ylang ylang tree is a tropical evergreen reaching a towering 65 feet in height.  It produces oval shaped deep green leaves with delicate narrow flowers that turn from pale green to deep yellow during maturation from which the essential oil is derived.   There are five fragrance grades of ylang ylang that are determined by the length of time the floral matter is steamed distilled.  Ylang Ylang "Complete"  is typically a blend of 4 grades or also may be distilled the longest time,  It has rounder smoother scent to it. 

In the Phillipines, the flowers were used to make a hair dressing to protect it from the sea and nourishing body rub. In Indonesia, the flowers were spread on the bed of newlyweds, perhaps an indication of ylang ylang's aphrodisiac power.  Later, ylang ylang was found useful in lowering blood pressure.  Ylang Ylang is also thought to be antidiabetic, aids combination skin, helps slow fast breathing, balances hormones, is a sexual tonic, helps with stress, depression and  fear.