Unlock the Combined Power of Muscle Balm with Arnica + Enhance Muscle Recovery with Lymphatic Massage Oil, Cream, and Bath Salts

Question:  Why do you recommend the use of Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil, Cream or Bath Salts for sore achy muscles after exercise?  Isn’t Muscle Balm with Arnica enough?

Muscle Balm with Arnica soothes and helps repair damaged muscle resulting in pain, tightness or stiffness caused by overuse and lymphatic products assist and speed up that healing process.

Often, sore achy overused muscles are accompanied by swelling or puffiness due to aggravated inflammation. Sometimes the swelling is more internal than surface so it may be difficult to discern it unless you have a trained eye for it or have been keeping track of the contours of your muscles on a regular basis.  

The swelling can indicate a local overwhelmed lymphatic system that cannot properly remove toxins or inflammatory metabolic waste that is a result of exercise and inflamed tissue. 

When the toxins or metabolic waste are removed by the lymphatic drainage products, inflammation,  pain, soreness and stiffness are reduced and repair to damaged muscle tissue can proceed quickly and profoundly with the aid of Muscle Balm with Arnica.


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