Lymphatic Drainage Products Help Reduce Swollen Feet and Ankles Caused by Summer Heat!

Hot temperatures may cause foot and ankle swelling.  In normal temperature circumstances, blood circulation and lymphatic system work in tandem to bring nutrients throughout the body and eliminate waste material.   In summer heat, the body can get overheated and the body’s mechanism to cool down is to constrict blood vessels, bringing less heat to the area.  However, that  constriction also pushes fluid out into body tissues which causes swelling.  Add gravity to the picture, the fluid collects downward into the feet and ankles.  The lymphatic system is overwhelmed by the sudden collection of fluid in the tissue.   Swelling is not only unsightly but also brings discomfort.  

Sure, wear shoes that allow for plenty of air circulation, spritz or soak feet and ankles with cool water, and elevate the feet.  But when that’s not enough and swelling persists or is too uncomfortable, or for the sake of convenience, use our lymphatic drainage products to reduce swelling.

Always seek advice from your medical doctor for treatment.  Seek medical attention quickly if swelling is accompanied by throbbing or pain, particularly if only one leg is affected, which could indicate a more serious medical condition.

Don't let foot and ankle swelling hinder your enjoyment of the summer season. Choose our lymphatic drainage products to provide you with the relief you need. Experience the difference and regain your comfort and confidence.

Order your lymphatic drainage products today and say goodbye to unsightly swelling. Embrace a summer filled with freedom, comfort, and confidence.

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