Spring is Time for Transformation

Spring is Time for Transformation   STOP.  Stop NOW.  And BE STILL .  SEE what’s going on.   The awakening from winter’s hibernation is here.   Tremendous power and energy is pushing change and growth all around you.  The budding of the leaves and flowers is unstoppable – winter’s last blast did not deter the blooming of the daffodils as they pushed through the snow.  Dogwood and red bushes survived icy winds and are showing their colors.   Azaleas abound.  The deer have made their presence known again and the bears are yawning awake.   Is the energy of life more powerful than the energy of destruction?  After the wars, after the volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc., the force of life transforms devastation into beauty and bounty once again.  There is powerful transformational energy around us now.  Even within ourselves, it’s there.  Winter’s New Year is the time that we make resolutions for change and they often are dropped.  But spring is the time to pull all those resolutions back into focus because all of nature supports us with the apparent energy of transformation and change.  Will you miss this wave of life force by being too busy, mind in a whirlwind, unable to relax?   Do you not see and feel the growth going on around you? To effect personal change and transformation, stillness, contemplation, or meditation allow your whole being to profoundly set intention and effect change.  The essential oil blend Peaceful Transformation is designed to assist.  It is specifically designed not only to quiet the mind but also to facilitate change.  It is designed to assist meditation and prayer, to allow energy to flow calmly.  The ingredients of sandalwood, frankincense, palmarosa, lavender and rose make it a high vibration blend, aiding in eliminating distractions and bringing peace out of chaos.  Spring is the perfect opportunity for transformation and change – don’t miss it!

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