Spring into Action with Eucalyptus: The Optimistic, Open, and Freeing Essential Oil

“Optimism *Openness *Freedom”

These words open Gabriel Mojay’s chapter on Eucalyptus in his book, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, and are perfect for indicating the effect eucalyptus has on the psyche and emotions.   These words are perfect for expressing the promise of spring – a promise of freedom and openness as we move from cloistered winter months to warmth and outside activities to the optimism of burgeoning flowers and the greening of our land.  It is no wonder that eucalyptus is a spa favorite for its camphoraceous, slightly sweet, refreshing yet soothing scent.  

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Spring can also bring allergy sneezy congestion and you will find eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory, expectorant and soothing for sinus and bronchial conditions, opening up sinuses and breathing passages for relief.  If you use peppermint essential oil for congestion but find that it elevates your blood pressure as it has been known to do, eucalyptus is a great substitute.  Inhalation is best in these cases either by diffuser or simply putting a drop or two in the palm of your hand, briefly rubbing palms together and then cupping your palms over your nose for 2 to 3 minutes.  Putting a few drops on a tissue and placing it in your car air vent works when you’re on the go.  Give it 15 minutes to work.  This can be repeated as necessary.  

Spring is an invitation to break a sedentary lifestyle to jump into action with exercise which is great….but have you found yourself overdoing it?  Eucalyptus is known to help ease sore achy overworked muscles.  Here you apply it topically by diluting it to 15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil per ounce.

There are over 600 types of eucalyptus of which 5 or 6 are processed for commercial use.    Although eucalyptus originated in Australia, it is now grown in China, Ethiopia and South Africa.   It presents as a bush or a large tree that provides a sustainable hardwood, sometimes known as ironwood.  I use eucalyptus from its origin, Australia and most frequently use eucalyptus radiata.

Because of its specific healing properties,  I include eucalyptus in the following blends.  Selected ingredients of blends work synergistically to produce stronger desired results.    

    • Euca Calm
    • Breathe Free
    • Citrus Inspiration
    • Nasal Spray
    • Calm Breath
    • Muscle Balm with Arnica

If you would like a free sample of one of the blends, please indicate the one you would like with your order by writing it in the comment area of your order.   This applies to all the listed blends except for Nasal Spray.   The personal inhaler will be added automatically.


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