Preparing for COVID 19: A Holistic Multi Modality Approach by Carol Quigless, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Board Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher

In addition to frequent handwashing and other well publicized precautions, I’m taking holistic measures that may help ward off the virus, boost my immune system or lessen the severity of symptoms if I come down with the dreaded Covid 19.   Nothing is guaranteed -  ever - but I am giving it my best shot.   I am 70 years old and contracted  walking pneumonia twice within the last 6 years when I didn’t take better care of myself and had my guard down.  I consider myself to in the be high risk zone.  During those bouts of walking pneumonia, essential oils helped tremendously and were the only thing that quelled coughing, particularly from reactive airways.  There is controversy regarding general daily supplementation yet the supplements I take target specific goals.  You can find plenty of supportive documentation regarding exercise and other approaches listed here.     


 This approach seems like a lot to do and there are days I don’t get to everything.  For the most part, it is becoming a routine.   See if anything interests you in your quest to diminish the viral attack or tame its symptoms should you fall victim to it.  Please note that this information is for educational purposes only and does not take the place of medical attention.  If you have any medical condition or acquire any symptoms, please consult a medical doctor.  None of the information provided purports to be a cure.  None of it purports to be diagnostic.  There are many suggestions “out there” and I don’t claim this writing to be all-comprehensive or all-inclusive of all possible aids.  In any case, here’s what’s in my medicine chest:


Essential Oil Blends:


--Immuguard  by Flourish Essential Oils (  to support function of  the immune system, help destroy pathogens and stimulate the lymphatic system.  I diffuse it, dilute it with water in a fine mist spray bottle  and spray it on and around me, as it also has air sanitizing ingredients.   I place a drop or 2 in my hand with a little carrier oil, rub my hands together and cup them over my nose and inhale the aroma for 3 minutes. It makes a good chest rub when diluted with a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, or jojoba oil.  It smells good – a cinnamon spicy aroma.   I also take it with me in a personal diffuser which looks like the old fashion Vicks Vapor Rub  inhalers.   I also may add a drop of Immuguard to a little salt before adding that to 2 oz of warm salt water to gargle with it for a scratchy throat. 

Salt water alone may be enough but I like the idea of extra protection.


--Breathe Free to help the immune system destroy pathogens and protect the bronchial tubes and lungs by Flourish Essential Oils.   I diffuse it or place a drop or 2 in my hand with a little carrier oil, rub my hands together and cup them over my nose and inhale the aroma for 3 minutes.  I also use it in a personal diffuser.  It makes a good chest rub if diluted with a carrier oil such as almond, coconut or jojoba oil.  You can’t miss the scent of oregano which is purportetd to fight pathogens.


--Lymphatic Drainage, Massage Oil, Cream or Bath Spray by Flourish Essential Oils.  The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system which carries pathogen destroying white blood cells throughout the entire body.  It also carries cellular debris and metabolic waste from the cells for elimination from the body.  It’s important to stimulate the lymphatic system to keep it clear and well-functioning and to reduce painful swollen lymph nodes.  I apply any of the products particularly under the jaw line, throat and over sinuses.  Any other areas of the body that are swollen will benefit from lymphatic drainage products.


Used together, these 3 essential oil products form a formidable defense. 


 (As an aside, tis the season for hay fever and when asthma can be easily aggravated.  The oil blend Calm Breath by Flourish Essential Oils may provide relief.)


Daily Supplements:


--Vitamin C.  I load up on Vitamin C for mucous membrane health and immune system health.  See and  It’s possible to get Vitamin C with zinc.


--Chlorella. Chlorella is a fresh water algae loaded with vitamins, minerals, omega3 and antioxidants.  It has been shown to enhance the immune system, assist the body in eliminating  toxins and assist breathing.  It also has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol.  Purchase cracked or broken cell chlorella.  See and  This is not a good tasting supplement but its benefits make it well worthwhile.


--B12 for nerve and blood health.  See vitamin b12


--Vitamin D3 with K2, the sunshine vitamin, for bone health.  Bone health is an important  factor in a well-functioning immune system.  If you are on blood thinners, you may want to take Vitamin D3 without K2.  This is a question for your health care specialist.  See


--Chinese mushrooms blend for immune defense.  You can find this in most health food stores or online in capsules or tinctures.    I try to find a blend containing reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane and turkey tail or close to that combination.  See


--Astragulus is a root that has long been revered by Chinese healers since ancient times that supports a healthy immune system.  It can be purchased in capsule form or tincture.  A caveat regarding taking astragulus is that if you become sick, you must stop taking it.  Astragulus not only strengthens the immune system but also will strengthen pathogens that  take hold when you are ill.  It can be understood as an immune builder.  See



-- There has been conjecture that elderberry may worsen covid 19 – there is a component in elderberry that causes inflammatory process.  In the past, this has not been seen as a problem since the inflammatory process was mild and actually provoked more of an immune response.  Elderberry has traditionally been used to not only help ward off colds and flu but also used to shorten the duration.  However since inflammation is so severe with covid 19, it is thought that it possibly could be a problem by dangerously overloading the immune response and this has produced controversy.   On the other hand, there is a component of elderberry that latches onto cells and prevents a pathogen from entering that cell.   Elderberry has also been a favorite because of its high antioxidant content.  Although the mechanism is different from astragulus, I will treat it the same astragulus – stop taking it if any symptoms appear.  Elderberry (elderberries (the fruit) and elderflowers) can be found online in the form of elderberry syrup or capsules.  You also may be able to find an elderberry syrup kit so that you can concoct your own elderberry syrup for a better price than the store bought finished product.     See 


If you are uncomfortable taking astragulus or elderberry, don’t take them.  There are other supplements you can take to assist your immune system, as you can see.




--Neti Pot.  .  It is said that the corona virus lodges in the throat and then travels down to the bronchial tubes to the lungs.  It makes sense the point of entry for the virus is either through your mouth or your nose.  I gargle but I also use a neti pot at least once a day to rinse away sinus debris and pathogens.  I incorporate this flush into my morning and bedtime routine of brushing my teeth.  You can add 1 drop of tea tree oil to the salt before dissolving that in water for the flush if you feel you’re coming down with sinus problems.  This sinus flush can be done more often if necessary.   If you can’t use a neti pot, use an unmedicated saline solution spray and spray a copious amount into your nasal passages so that you blow your nose


--Walking.  Walking has been an old standby for good health.  It can be done with ease and it doesn’t cost!


--Meditating.  Stress weakens both physical and emotional health.  Meditation is an excellent way to regain a sense a well-being and bring about emotional balance and enhance body function.  You can find many guided meditations online for stress reduction and good health.


--Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga.   Subtle energy transference or energy stimulation that promotes deep healing relaxation.  Although the techniques differ, they each bring about emotional balance and enhance body function.  See,,,    There are lots of online classes.  Sse Lynsie McKeown’s Face Book Page!


--Sleep:  Do not underestimate the restorative and healing power of sleep!  Get a proper amount of sleep and rest!


--Keep a humidifier set for 40% - 50% humidity.  This helps a LOT with ease of breathing.




*Eliminate white refined sugar, refined wheat or wheat/gluten if you are sensitive to it, dairy if you find it causes mucous, and alcohol.  Sugar particularly impedes the immune system for hours after ingesting it. You need your immune system to perform at its best.


* Quit smoking.  There is no way that smoking does not greatly impede your immune system, breathing and heart health.


*In addition to washing your hands frequently, doesn’t it make sense to wash your face frequently, when possible?


*Eat lots of vegetables and fruit.   There is such a thing as over consuming  fruit and getting too much sugar, so fruit in moderation.  Don’t forget to eat legumes – black eyed peas, chick peas, beans.  They are high in zinc content which your immune system needs.  Susan Gallagher, Dipl. OM in Denver, Colorado  says eat turnips, daikon, radishes, all of which are good for the lungs according to  Oriental Medicine.  Her book, What To Do For Your Health Each Season, a Chinese medicine book, is a treasure chest of information.


*Do not forget to drink water, frequently!


*Enhance your life with love, fun, laughter and relaxation!  Whenever and wherever you can. 


*Stay calm.  Don’t panic.  Fear and panic are extremely stressful and put extra burden on your immune system. They preclude sensible, rational thought and action.  Panic leads to mob mentality that does no one good.   Use meditation and essential oils to help calm you.  Don’t listen to the news incessantly.    See Lynsie McKeown’s Face Book page.  She knows a LOT about this and yoga.


*You may have time off now.  Have you ever said you wish you could have a stay-at-home vacation?

Well here it is.  Nothing to do?   Check online for virtual museum tours and adventures, documentaries, catch up on reading, get back in touch with loved ones.  Is there a hobby you might want to check out?  There are online music lessons and art lessons of all sorts.  Tell your  story and start – or finish – your autobiography.  Everybody has a worthwhile life story.  Cook!  Hike!  Etc.! 


I hope this has been helpful.  There are plenty of options for you.   By many or all means BE PREPARED!






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