Insect Bye Bye - The Effective Aromatherapy Way to Repel Mosquitos

Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes and Other Flying Insects Safely and Effectively with Aromatherapy


It’s late evening, and the sun begins its crimson descent. A balmy breeze comes your way, promising a little cool relief from the steamy hot summer day. It’s time to relax outside with a cool drink, alone or with friends. You sit down in your zero gravity reclining chair, ready to let go of any concerns from the day.  And then…HERE THEY COME!!!  THE FLYING HOARD WITH ALL THEIR ARTILLERY OF STINGING VENOMOUS BITES THAT WILL ITCH AND LEAVE THEIR MARK, LEST YOU FORGET!!!!  You quickly retreat inside to sit in a comfy chair away from the swarm. You put your feet up, drink in hand. You take a deep breath and release a long, relaxing, sigh; all is well again until…..HERE IT COMES!!! That threatening telltale high pitched ‘whine’ that weaves and bobs around your head. Can’t find it, can’t swat it. The statement that insects will outlive humans on this planet rings true because in this moment, that mosquito rules. Right along with those no-see-ums and gnats.

Well, you don’t have to be a victim anymore.  Flourish Essential Oils has concocted a wonderful, good smelling, non-toxic effective spray to keep the hoard at bay.


– Insect Bye Bye doesn’t contain DEET, whose toxicity has been well documented

– Insect Bye Bye doesn’t contain citronella, which irritates the skin

– Insect Bye Bye does contain essential oils that have been tested

– Insect Bye Bye’s combination of essential oils rival the effectiveness of both DEET and citronella

– Insect Bye Bye is not greasy, sticky, or uncomfortable to the skin

– Insect Bye Bye repels mosquitos and other flying insects

– Insect Bye Bye calms you and puts you in a good frame of mind

– Insect Bye Bye’s lemony lavender scented blend contains basil linalool, lemongrass, geranium, lemon eucalyptus, lemon tea tree, catnip and lavender in a purified water base. For the scientists out there, this blend is high in geraniol and citronellol, which are documented insect repellents against which mosquitos never grow immunity

-Insect Bye Bye soothes and refreshes the skin and BONUS: it is safe to use on the whole body, including the face.


The calming aspects of the essential oils in Insect Bye-Bye are well documented.  Basil linalool – relieves nervous tension, depression, aids clarity in thought; Lemongrass – calming, refreshing; Geranium – reduces stress, anti-depressant; Lemon Eucalyptus – soothing, calming; Lemon Tea Tree – relieves nervous exhaustion, clears head; Catnip – relieves nervous tension, hyperactivity, insomnia; and last but not least, Lavender – calming, aids headache, and mood swings.

Are there other ways to repel mosquitoes and can be used in conjunction with Insect Bye-Bye? Yes! Eat foods high in Vitamin B1 like: Brazil nuts (also high in selenium for immune system health), eggs, pecans and oranges.  Some people swear by odorless coated garlic capsules.  Other people swear by drinking 2 TBSP of vinegar in a pint of water daily. But if you’re on the run, at a BBQ, outdoor concert, hiking, etc. and you see and hear those pesky flying insects coming, grab for your Insect Bye-Bye Spray and know that you are one protected, good smelling, good feeling soul.

Spray on skin and clothes as often as needed.

For children 4 years old and younger, spray on clothes only.

Do not use during pregnancy.

I cannot wait to get your feedback on this excellent complement to your summer!


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