Essential Oils Spray That Repels Flying Insects to the Rescue

A study done by the Gerson Institute suggests that catnip maybe even more effective at repelling mosquitos than DEET.  A 2006 study in the Journal of Medical Entomolgy found geranium is a  proven deterrent to mosquitos and ticks. Lavender is effective as well.  An added bonus to using Insect Bye Bye is that it calms itching, calms your mood and has a pleasant scent.  Lavender, geranium, lemon tea tree are also antiseptic.  Insect Bye Bye also wards off gnats and other flying insects.  SPRAY ON YOURSELF AND CLOTHES FREQUENTLY.  SHAKE WELL BEFORE SPRAYING!

Mosquitoes are attracted to Lactic acid/sweat, carbon dioxide, floral scents, standing water, dark clothing, the effects of eating high potassium foods and salty food.  The claims that B vitamins and ingested apple cider vinegar are effective are anecdotal but are worth a try.  Being mindful of these things and use Insect Bye Bye as often as needed.  Enjoy your time outdoors.

Have Insect Bye Bye ready for the inevitable swarms of mosquitoes and other flying insects! 


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