Do You Suffer from Aching Joints?

         Do you suffer from aching joints? According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, lymphatic drainage plays a critical role in limiting the severity of RA joint disease. This was surmised through their program/study that was extended to osteoarthritis, especially age-related osteoarthritis. They concluded that targeting the lymphatic system may represent a new strategy for treating osteoarthritis by removing inflammatory factors for affected joints.

        One function of the lymphatic system is to remove toxins and catabolic wastes in the body in the via lymphatic fluid and its lymphatic vessels and nodes. In osteoarthritis, this detoxifying function is interrupted, lymph fluid breaches those structures and floods into the joint and surrounding areas causing inflammation and both external and internal swelling. Internal swelling often cannot be seen but it contributes to inflammatory joint pain. The joint may even feel warm or hot because of the inflammation.

The good news is that Flourish Essential Oils has a two-part strategy to give you relief from joint pain:

1. The first is to decrease the lymphatic fluid and swelling in the joint which will reduce pain. Flourish Essential Oils’ Lymphatic Drainage Cream Lite or Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil are effective because they contain essential oil lymphatic system activators. Apply and lightly rub in the lymphatic Drainage product directly on the joint, above, below, around and behind the joint. Wait 15-20 minutes for swelling to start decreasing.

2. The second part is to reduce inflammation caused by joint disease. Flourish Essential Oils’ Joint Balm Cream Life is effective because it contains anti inflammatory essential oils such as turmeric and ginger. As with the Lymphatic Drainage product, apply and lightly rub the Joint Balm Lite directly on the joint, above, below, around and behind the joint. Results can usually be felt within ½ hour after both products have been applied.

For best overall results, repeat this healing sequence at least 2 times daily. Increase frequency for more effectiveness, the essential oil formula is the same for the Lymphatic Drainage Cream Lite and the Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil. Choose the cream if you are bandaging the joint. The cream is far less oily than the massage oil.

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Try Flourish Essential Oil’s Lymphatic Drainage products plus Joint Balm Cream Lite (anti inflammatory) to help keep you moving! For best results, always use as directed.

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