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Supports healthy blood pressure levels.  It has now been rethought with both physical and emotional considerations to present a well rounded blend that effectively supports your body’s natural healing process.

 The new and improved formula includes:

Ylang Ylang:   A go-to essential oil that is thought to lower high blood pressure and circulatory system imbalances; relaxing, thought to aid with panic, anxiety, nervous tension.

 Lavender:  Thought to aid. high blood pressure and other circulatory imbalances; calming and helps with emotional extremes.

 Sweet Marjoram: Thought to aid high blood pressure, thought to be a vaso dilator, aids in circulatory imbalances, aids headaches and stress related symptoms, may aid insomnia, irritability, grief.

 May Chang:  Thought to aid high blood pressure and circulatory imbalances; very uplifting, useful with fatigue, anxiety, nervous depression.

 There are several ways to use Circ Support:

  1. Diffuse!  Simple, easy, ongoing.  Follow manufacturers instructions for your diffuser.  You can also apply 2-3 drops or so on a tissue and place over your air/heat vent.
  2. Place a drop or two in the palm of one hand, rub palms together then cup hands over nose and inhale aroma for 3 minutes. Do this 2 to 3 times per day or can be used more often as necessary to help with blood pressure.
  3. Share a drop of oil to acupressure point LV3 and GB20 and massage those points for a minute. LV3 is located on both feet between the big toe and second toe, taking your finger from that spot and moving it up toward the ankle but just an inch until you reach a hollow that may be tender when you press hard.  To find BG 20, place your thumbs underneath the base of your skull with your fingers relaxed but pointing up.  Find a hollow place on each side of the base of the skull with your thumbs, apply pressure or massage for a minute.  This also can relieve headache.   The easiest way to share a drop of oil is to place a drop on the finger or thumb you’re going to use on one hand and then rub it together with the other thumb or finger you’re going to use.  Do this 2 to 3 times per day or as necessary to help with blood pressure.


 .If you have any questions, please contact me.

 This material is not meant for diagnostic use nor as a medical treatment and has not been presented to the FDA.  If you have a medical condition, consult with your medical doctor.  If you have questions about using the blend when under medical treatment, consult your medical doctor.

Oil Blends are pure, unadulterated and undiluted, hand-blended with love in Afton, VA!

Caution: phototoxic – do not expose treated skin to sunlight for 12 hours.